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Komondor Acoustic Lounge - A Musical Adventure Without KI

Capricorn Music is excited to announce the release of our new lounge album, Komondor Acoustic Lounge. In an era dominated by Artificial Intelligence in the music industry, we have deliberately chosen to forgo AI and software instruments, using only real instruments and analog sound generators. The result is a unique sonic artwork full of authenticity and warm tones.

Cover - Komondor Acoustic Lounge
Cover - Komondor Acoustic Lounge

A Visionary Project

Producer and composer Clemens Nowak aimed to create a modern lounge album that captures the pure, unadulterated sound quality of real instruments. This unconventional decision brings forth an atmosphere that computers and AI are far from achieving.

Stellar Contributors

The album features talented musicians including Maria Ma (hammered dulcimer), Ulli Bäer (guitar), Thomas Hechenberger (guitar), Andrea Wild (banjo), Christian Einheller (drums and percussion), Katharina Aigner and Lukas Helm (vocals), Flo Ryan (flute), and Clemens Nowak (keyboards and bass).

Available Now

The album is now available on all major music platforms. Experience the magic of analog sounds and deep emotions with Komondor Acoustic Lounge. Capricorn Music invites you to embark on this unique musical journey.


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