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Even though Capricorn Music is strictly speaking an sole proprietorship, over the years I have established a wide network of project developers, musicians, voice-over artists, video producers, designers and partner companies to work with in a highly flexible way. All these talented colleagues make it possible for our clients to always work with exactly the right people for each project. 

In addition, Capricorn Music occasionally hires interns.

Clemens Nowak von Capricorn Music

Junior Producer

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Clemens Mathias Nowak

  • Born in 1985 in Vienna

  • Completed piano studies in Vienna

  • Studied Music Production and Sound Engineering in Austria, Australia and England.

Compositions for ORF, 3Sat, BR Alpha, KiKa and others

  •   Film production companies 

    • Interspot


    • Vaughan Film

    • Moonlake Entertainment

    • Pammer Film

  • TV shows and Documentaries (excerpt):

    • Österreich - Die ganze Geschichte (40 episodes)

    • Mit Hitler im Krieg (4 episodes)

    • Die Akte Habsburg (5 episodes)

    • Der steinerne Zeuge 

    • Isonzo – Der Krieg in den Bergen 

    • Cultus Heilige (32 episodes)

    • Quer durch Europa (Dayly Soap)


Recording Engineer/ Mixing Engineer/ Tonmeister

  • Christian Kolonovits (leading Sound Engineer)

  • Jose Carreras, 25 Meraviglioso (Album)

  • Wolfgang Ambros, Ultimativ Symphonisch (Album)

  • The Tiger Lillies, Woyzeck (Album)

  • Alexandra Caró, Diary (Album)

  • Kottan ermittelt – Rien ne va plus (Film Score Mixing) 

  • Lang Lang, 25 Meraviglioso

  • Seiler und Speer, Ala bin (Single)

  • Gert Steinbäcker, ja eh (Album), 44 (Album)

  • Folkshilfe, Alles in mir (Single)

Pianist for studio productions and/or live concerts

  • Maria Ma

  • Alexandra Caró

  • Laetitia Ribeiro

  • Julian le Play 

  • James Cottriall

Music Production

  • Maria Ma Terzett

  • Ulli Bäer

  • ReRa

  • Sefidin Xhemaj

  • Laetitia Ribeiro

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