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Acoustic Lounge

Komondor Acoustic Lounge - A Musical Adventure Without AI

In an era where Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the music industry, we at Capricorn Music decided to take a different path. We are excited to present a lounge album that was created not only without the help of AI but also without software instruments—using only real instruments and analog sound generators. This decision may seem unconventional, but the end result is a unique sonic artwork that captivates with its authenticity and warm tones.


The Vision Behind the Album

Producer and composer Clemens Nowak initiated this project with a clear vision. He wanted to create a modern lounge album that captures the pure, unadulterated sound quality of real instruments—something often lost in our digitized world. The decision to forego modern computer-assisted sound design might seem inefficient and perhaps not the smartest choice. However, it is incredibly enjoyable and creates an atmosphere that computers and AI cannot achieve anytime soon. AI has been used in music production for many years, long before the latest generation of finished music emerged. Yet, working consciously without this technology offers a unique experience and sound quality.


A Stellar Ensemble

A fantastic group of musicians contributed to this album:


    •    Maria Ma on the hammered dulcimer

    •    Ulli Bäer on the guitar

    •    Thomas Hechenberger on the guitar

    •    Andrea Wild on the banjo

    •    Christian Einheller on drums and percussion

    •    Katharina Aigner and Lukas Helm as vocalists

    •    Flo Ryan on the flute

    •    Clemens Nowak on keyboards and bass


These artists significantly shaped the unique atmosphere and sound of the album.


The Recording Process

The recordings took place in our own studio. Without the support of highly modern software and algorithms, every tone was played and recorded by hand. This required passion and a high level of commitment from everyone involved.


The Album Cover

The album cover also reflects the theme of AI vs. analog, traditional approach. It features a real photograph capturing the longing of a young woman in a cozy atmosphere. Dreamily, she looks at an AI-generated image that mentally transports her to a vacation—a Komondor on a deserted dream beach.


The Project: Komondor Acoustic Lounge

The project is named Komondor Acoustic Lounge. It mirrors the connection between tradition and modernity and invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of analog sounds and deep emotions. In times when AI and digital technologies dominate the musical landscape, it is a refreshing experiment to return to analog. This lounge album demonstrates that music created with real instruments and without technological aids can unfold a very special magic. Capricorn Music invites you to experience this magic for yourself.

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