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Punchy, transparent and full of character
Treat your music with broadcast-ready mixing and mastering including that special fairy dust.
In other words: "mixed by CMN"


My name is Clemens Mathias Nowak and I am a recording, mixing and mastering engineer from Vienna. I have worked with numerous national and international stars and I want to offer you the same high quality equipment, dedication and skills for your music project.


I have a Master's degree in music production and over 12 years of professional experience. My clients list includes Jose Carreras, Lang Lang, Christian Kolonovits, Seiler & Speer, Camo & Krooked, The Tiger Lillies, Rainhard Fendrich, Folkshilfe and many more.

  • I mix and/or master your music broadcast-ready.

  • I only use state of the art equipment.

  • And as always, the most important equipment are the ears. I will listen closely to your music to understand what is necessary to make the mix work and to take your song to the next level. 

  • I will do panning, level automation, equalizing, compression, de-essing, widening, harmonizing and I will apply delays, reverbs, distortion, tape saturation and much more...what ever is necessary to bring your music to live.

  • Optionally (depending on what you are booking), I can also time align, edit and pitch correct your music.


Fiverr is one of the leading platforms for freelancers and professionals. I've put together three especially low-priced packages exclusively for Fiverr.

This is the cheapest and easiest way to get your music mixed! For a tailored offer you can also contact me directly via the contact form below.


Listen to some songs or albums I had the privilege to participate in:

The Tiger Lillies - Woyzeck

Album - Recording, Editing, Mixing

Gert Steinbäcker - Ja eh

Album - Recording, Editing, Mixing

Recording, editing, mixing

Folkshilfe - Alles in mir

Single - Recording, Editing, Mixing

Maria Ma - Begegnungen

Album - Recording, Editing, Mixing, Production

Maria Ma Terzett ft. Ulli Bäer - Es woa schee

Album - Recording, Editing, Mixing, Production

ReRa - Creep

Single - Recording, Editing, Mixing, Production

Wolfgang Ambros - Ultimativ Symphonisch

Album - Recording, Editing

Gert Steinbäcker - 44

Album - Recording, Editing, Mixing

Sefidin Xhemaj - Rather Be Blind

Single - Recording, Editing, Mixing, Production

Laetitia Ribeiro - Et des Voiles

EP - Recording, Editing, Mixing, Production

Seiler und Speer - Ala bin

Single - String Recordings

  • How can I book you to mix and/or master my music?
    A very easy and secure way to book me as your mixing or mastering engineer is via Fiverr. I have created three very low priced packages specifically for Fiverr that meet most demands. For more complex projects (eg. if more editing/time alignment is required, if you want me to mix a whole album or if your music has a very large number of tracks) you can also contact me directly via this webpage and I make you a tailored offer.
  • What's the best way to deliver a song for you to mix?
    Once we have agreed to package and pricing, it is best to send me your audio files via cloud transfer (e.g. wetransfer, dropbox...) For mastering you would usually send me one stereo file. For mixing you can either send me all of the used audio tracks or stems. Please send me WAVE files in the same sound quality as you set your recording session, eg. 24bit, 96kHz. If your recording session is in 48kHz or 44.1kHz there is no benefit in sending me your files in higher resolution. (This would only result in larger file sizes.) Please don't send me project files (eg. Logic or ProTools sessions) and make sure that all your tracks have the same starting point.
  • How long does it usually take you to mix or master my music?
    Depending on the complexity of your project, I will usually finish my work within a couple of days. My packages on Fiverr have specific time frames for completion.
  • Do you offer free revisions of your mixes/masters?
    Yes, revisions are included in my mixes and masters (up to 3 depending on the package) so you end up with the music that you always wanted and that blows everybody away.
  • What has the most impact on audio quality of a song?
    Mixing plays a major role when it comes to sound quality, but it is not the only component. Recording equipment, room acoustics, musicians, instruments and arrangements will all factor in to deliver the best possible end result.
  • Can you fix a poor recording?
    The recording quality plays a major role in the overall outcome of a song. I can drastically improve poor recordings and I will try everything in my power to make it sound just as good as your favorite music. However, sending me musically and technically high quality stems will always lead to best results.
Mixer Keys


What do you need for your project?

Thank you! I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Andrea (vocals)

Whenever I work with Clemens I can completely trust that he does whatever it takes to make it sound awesome and musical.


Tom (drums)

This is hands down the best drum sound I have ever heard.

Im Studio

Christian (producer)

He has the ability to create a natural and transparent sound that is still punchy and big - that's unmatched.

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