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Album Release from Maria Ma Terzett ft. Ulla Bäer!


The latest Album by Maria Ma Terzett ft. Ulli Bäer

Childhood dreams, memories, the desire to see the sun one last time. And then resigning oneself to fate. "Es woa schee", Georg Danzer wrote in a song shortly before his death. He would be 75 years old on 7 October 2021. His lyrics live on, his music is as moving as ever - in a new album by the Maria Ma Terzett ft. Ulli Bäer.

The album contains eight pieces written by Georg Danzer, five songs by his long-time guitarist, Ulli Bäer, and a hymn by Hansi Dujmic. Dulcimer, guitar, percussion and vocals, arranged into a new, unusually intense listening experience. Intimate and yet big.

The album is available on CD and on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and many more..

And of course in our Capricorn Music Store!


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